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What are people saying?

"Keep on speaking for the Lord!  I loved your sense of humor and sharing about your life.  Thank you for being real with the ladies about yourself.  I heard many say they enjoyed you talking about flying lessons!  You made it relate-able to life and our walk with God." 

- Women's Ministry Event Organizer 

"Cheryl blew my socks off with her witty and engaging presentation. My keynote for our ladies' night event called out at the last minute. Cheryl gladly accepted our SOS call, inspiring our audience with her story. I still have people telling me how much her presentation meant to them almost a year later. "

- Women's Event Organizer 

“I loved Cheryl’s presentation at our last MOPS meeting. She was so relatable and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the message about not living by others’ expectations.  It was a very encouraging word and very applicable to everyday life.  I hope to be able to hear more from Cheryl at future events!” 

- Event Attendee

“Cheryl’s presentation was so relatable to all moms! She showed us it’s normal and ok to be disappointed and to also look for the humor in it all! She hits on some heavy feelings about expectations that everyone has to deal with and how we can turn toward God.”
- MOPS Coordinator 

Presentation Topics


In a World of Uncertainty, Be Engaged

Engagement improves performance, well-being, customer service, and satisfaction. It's no surprise that organizations want their employees to have it. Unfortunately, the uncertainty in the world around them often inhibits individuals from feeling truly engaged not only at work but in their businesses, families, and lives in general.

In this session, the audience will learn the principles of engagement and how to stay get and stay engaged, despite the uncertainty around them. This session is designed for employees or entrepreneurs and can be adapted to teach leaders how to foster an environment to support employee engagement. 

(Job) Design Your Life

Employees typically know what job they were hired to do and what they will be evaluated on at the end of the year, yet most people don't stop to ask themselves what job they were uniquely put on this earth to do. As a result, they fill up their days with tasks and activities that don't move the needle in any significant area of their lives. 

In this session, the audience will learn how to identify their primary roles, align their daily activities to those areas, and prioritize those activities for which they will be held accountable.

This session is appropriate for entrepreneurs, moms, and dreamers and can be adapted for a workshop or keynote.

Keeping Balance on the Upswing

To many, the idea of work-life balance is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Deep down we know it doesn’t exist, but we can’t help but look. The reality is, balance can exist, but it doesn’t always look like that pot of gold. It’s not balancing the seesaw so that it doesn’t move; it’s moving up and down on either side that makes it so much fun. 

In this session, the audience will begin to change their mindset from balance to focus. They will learn the techniques to accomplish more, eliminate “mom guilt” associated with time, and enhance well-being.   

This workshop is designed for female entrepreneurs, business women, and busy moms

Past & Future Events


 God's Gals Ladies' Night Out - Bryan, TX

Ladies' Tea - Nassau Baptist Church, Houston, TX

MOPS Group - Beaumont, TX

MOPS Group - Bryan, TX

Mom's Next Group - Bryan, TX

2:1 Conference - Herndon, VA

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